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What Does A Locksmith Do, You Might Ask?

In the past, locksmiths were limited to fixing entry systems like doorknobs, locks, and safes. In this digital age where we now live in, they have evolved to keep up with the technological advancements in the profession.

A locksmith of the present should have expertise about everything security related starting from the simple deadbolts and knobs to advanced burglar alarms and security systems.

People sometimes take for granted the role of a locksmith in their daily lives. Just sit back and count the number of doors and locks that you encounter each day whether at home, your car or the office.

Locks are everywhere we go and we deal with them on a daily basis. This is how important having a trusted locksmith available when an emergency strikes. Without them, there would be no security for our homes, offices, cars, and assets.

Majority of locksmiths today operate out of a workshop or mobile van fully equipped to serve customers anywhere their van can reach. They can specialize in a specific type of service like homes, business or auto. Others can give all these types of services which gives them a bigger market.

Since we encounter locks almost every day, it is common to see a locksmith in every city across the country and in almost all communities worldwide.

The only time we ever think of calling a locksmith is during lockouts whether at your home, car or office. When it comes to replacement or repair of anything lock related they are who we call.

An overlooked aspect of their expertise is their training to be security experts.

Locksmiths are trained to open any type of locks from the simple to the complex so they would also be the experts when planning how to secure your property or business.

There are three types of locksmith: auto, residential and commercial. A residential locksmith specializes in home security and focuses on the types of locks found in the home. An auto locksmith is an expert in all car related security systems while a commercial locksmith serves those in the business arena helping secure offices and company property.

A locksmith comes in handy when you need key cutting services. They can make a duplicate of your key or make a new key to match your lock if you lost a key or have no duplicates yet.

Locksmiths shine in an event of a lockout. They are considered heroes who come in and save the day when you are locked out of your home, car, safe or office

They usually gain entry in a lockout by picking the lock in your home, a worst case would be the need for drilling or breaking down your door but these are rare instances. Stats would show that 95% of locks should be picked by a professional locksmith.

Locksmiths don’t just work on locks as their name implies, they can work on doors as well. If you need a new door installed or need repair on garage doors that are not working properly they offer such services. They can also help in maintaining your doors to keep them running properly and last longer than doors that are not maintained.

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