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Protecting Your Home against Lock Bumping

Have you ever heard of lock bumping? If you haven’t heard it yet, don’t worry. We can help.

In order to finish the tasks they are hired to do, expert locksmiths rely on a huge diversity of tools and procedures. One of these methods is lock bumping. It’s a method that relies on unique keys called bump keys that are able to defeat conventional pin and tumbler door locks.

Unluckily, though the method was created originally for legal tumbler key bypassing, several burglars will make use of it to serve their own purposes.

However, you should not worry too much. There are several ways you can do to protect your home against lock bumping. Here are some of them:

Install Light Commercial-Grade Lock

It’s an excellent move to think about replacing your regular residential lock with a light commercial grade lock. These locks are heavy-duty and difficult to pick. 

In addition to that, they handle bumping well. Thus, they make for a good alternative. Make sure you don’t find any plastic parts inside a lock to ensure it is a reliable one.

Fit a Bump-Proof Deadbolt

In addition to your existing lock, you can also a professional locksmith to fit a bump-proof deadbolt. This will drastically improve security on your lock. There are smart keys that also promise improved protection against bumping attempts, and they can be ordered online and installed by local locksmiths. If you need help with installing your new smart key lock, call a professional company.

Protecting Your Home against Lock Bumping

Install Unique Pins

Call a residential locksmith and have them install unique pins that will considerably make the job of a burglar more complicated. Though it’s possible for a lock with added pins to be picked, it will definitely take a longer time to do it.

No burglar wants to risk spending a lot of time bumping on a lock in the middle of the night or in the afternoon when everyone is away at work or school. Thus, this solution is a wise deterrent against burglars. 

Install Bump-Proof Locks

Talk to an expert locksmith in your area and have them install the most reliable anti-bumping locks. In previous years, the locksmith industry has come a long way. 

Nowadays, you can look for a series of modern-day, electronic, smart or high-security locks. There are lots of brands that provide improved anti-bumping features and simple online research could also introduce you to a few of the most popular choices. 

Better Visibility

If you don’t want to purchase new locks, you can still prevent lock bumping by clearing the visibility around your property. Lock bumping can be done quickly in a matter of seconds. However, burglars are less likely to try it if they can be caught in the act by a neighbor or passerby. Because of that, you’ve got to keep the landscaping in your property as visible as possible. You can easily deter these burglars if your house has excellent lighting. 

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