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5 Ways To Improve Entry Security For A Safer Home

Technology has evolved over the years and modern security systems have become advanced and more versatile than ever. We can now monitor through digital security systems and remote-controlled locks.

Most modern security systems are now automated and activated using an app on your phone. This is a convenient way to control vital information about your home security anywhere you are using your mobile device.

Having the best security system in place does not mean that you are already 100% secure. We share with you tips on how to improve home security that are easy to apply.

It may be simple advice but many people still miss this. You should not keep your valuables in plain sight of burglars and thieves. People with nice cars should keep them in the garage and not out in the open for all to see. A big TV should be concealed by closing windows and curtains at night. If burglars see that your home has nothing to offer they will move on to target the next house.

In the old days, hide a key was one security tip that was effective for most homeowners. The problem with this tactic is that you need to hide the key in a place where you can remember. Burglars have caught up with this tactic and know where you usually hide your key.

A smart door lock is an upgrade that will work wonders for your home security. This lock can be opened with a key and a unique key code. The code can be shared among family without having to risk your spare key being discovered by a thief.

If you are going away for an extended period of time, it is best to make it seem like there are still people in your home. You can turn on lights at night using an app on your mobile or even turn your radio or TV on for a short period remotely. You can also ask friends to mow your lawn, pick up your mail or do any activity to show that your home is not empty. You can also request the U.S. Postal Service to hold on to your mail so that it won’t pile up. Thieves always target homes that are not occupied, they won’t break into a home where the homeowner is present.

There is a tendency for others to overly conceal their home. High fences and other features may encourage thieves to target your home because it is a signal that you are guarding something valuable.

Glass doors may look good for a house design but they are a magnet for criminals. They can easily break into a glass door and gain entry into your home.

There are motion activated lights that you can invest in as part of your home security system. A bright spotlight can deter a thief from pushing through with his attempt to break-in.

Owners sometimes neglect to secure their second floors as much as they would their first floor. Put window sensors, glass break detectors, and locks to keep thieves from gaining entry through your second floor.

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